What is ArtCommons.ca?

ArtCommons.ca is an online community service with two important components. First eCommerce shops are provided to artists, designers, crafts people and vintage collectors like you who are exploring ways of make a living doing what you love! Plus ArtCommons.ca connects all shops to the community marketplace featuring items with easy searching, and more ways to showcase you and community.

Your shop is a partnership.

ArtCommons.ca Shop

You get an independent shop!

No upfront fees, no fees per listing and no need for your credit card information. ArtCommons.ca receives a modest 12% commission for online community service.

PayPal Store Checkout

With an independent shopping cart!

No upfront fees. We leave security to the professionals! Open a PayPal Standard Account or use an existing account to partner directly. PayPal receives 2.9% + 0.30 per sale.

Canada Post Shipping

You determine prices, shipping and tax!

No fees to signup your Canada Post developer account & Venture One savings. Or don't charge shipping or tax! Offer local delivery! Or use UPS, FedEx, or your custom fee table.

A powerful eCommerce platform.

Branding & Content!

You provide a unique Shop Title (/URL), Banner & Statement. Accross social media channels, website, blogs - be consistent!

You educate buyers in "About Merchant", "Shop Policies", and "Contact Merchant" pages. You inform buyers in "Order Status".

Operate publicly by adding your full contact information, website URL, and map to your studio. Or operate privately by using your online contact form with no visible address.

Product Variation

We build your shop. You research and outline a marketing plan by filling in a table to determine total-costs; process, packing and shipping. We setup the first 12 item-listings. You outline a product-pricing strategy.

You learn how to update your item-listings and add new ones to keep your shop fully stocked. We help you build in 2-3 price-variations depending on your unique items to give buyers more choice.

SEO & Social Media

SEO functions are built-in to optimize search engine results. Provide us with 1-3 keywords "buyers" use to find your shop & items. For each item-listing you create type 1-2 excerpt lines for search engines to use.

Use Social Media channels to build your following. Start with your community of friends and family, Engage readers to participate in conversation, then use your skills & strengths to turn them into buyers!

And a part of a creative community marketplace!

Start Local - Your Shop!

A Community of Shops!

Think Global - Potential!

Work with ArtCommons.ca.

Learn about ArtCommons. Refer to policies.