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For the buyer.


ArtCommons is a venue for talented independent creative individuals who run their own shops. Each shop merchant has a hand in creating their items for sale; they stock and price items, process orders and ship each order by a tracking number.

Use Order Status with your tracking number or contact the shop merchant directly for information about an order you have already placed.

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About Merchant
Go to the shop to learn more about items and the merchant who made them. Read the Shop Policies on returns, shipping and delivery, etc. Visit Shop Reviews to use the 5 star rating system to support their work and review customer service.

PayPal Store Checkout
ArtCommons does not handle transactions between buyers and sellers, but instead partners with PayPal to provide secure eCommerce services. Items for sale can be purchased through the PayPal Store Checkout service using a verified PayPal Account or authorized credit card number.

Sales Transactions and Fees
All transactions are verified. At checkout, each shop completes a separate transaction to successfully manage your order(s). For each sales transaction, ArtCommons receives a 12% commission; PayPal receives no more than a 2.9% + $0.30 fee; PST/GST may be charged determined by each shop merchant); and a basic shipping charge may be added (calculated by each shop merchant).

“There are no up-front fees. We get paid a 12% commission once an item is sold.” – ArtCommons Team.

You can “shop to make a difference”. Refer to "Fundraise" below or go to about for more information on how ArtCommons is helping to change the face of commerce.

For more information visit the buyer page.

For the seller.

Read "sell" for a guide on how to "Create your Shop" and manage it. This resource will be refined regularly as shop merchants provide their feedback on process.

Schedule with ArtCommons to review your shop preparations so ArtCommons can build your shop for you. Receive support for as long as your shop is active.

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You are welcome to refer artists, designers, crafts people and vintage collectors that inspire you!

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Visit "show." above for an outline of all active stories, exhibits and discussions. The "show." will update regularly, so visit often. Read and rate using the 5 star ratings system.

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ArtCommons is exploring ways to provide an online visual experience.

Visit "show." above for an outline of all active stories, exhibits and discussions. The "show." will update regularly, so visit often. Read and rate using the 5 star ratings system.

To showcase your work individually or as a group, contact to work with ArtCommons on your next online gallery exhibit.

Interested in fundraising?

Work with ArtCommons to help “change the face of commerce”.

Whether you are an artist or an existing shop merchant; an agency or independent cause, go to about for more information on how to raise funds at ArtCommons.

At ArtCommons you can “shop to make a difference”.

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For the Media and the Press.

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