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ArtCommons store checkout is PayPal secure and easy to use; Pay by credit card or PayPal account. For visitors to Victoria BC and area, there is no store like it stocked with unique creative items made by talented people who love what they do!  When you buy from a shop on ArtCommons, you are directly supporting an independent business. Each shop manages your sales transaction independently to ensure a high quality of service.

To support your shopping experience:

1.  Add items to the floating shopping cart – top right.
2.  Use “shop” to browse and compare” items.
3.  When browsing, add items to a wishlist to recall your favourites. (“Sign-in” to use this service.)

“As a tourist to Victoria, items I buy downtown are made in other countries! With ArtCommons, I am excited to connect directly with talented artists!” – Marli from Cape Town, South Africa

“I prefer authentic local paintings on the walls when I come to stay. This gives me a connection to the place! Now I can shop online and have mine delivered!” – Dot, Sooke BC


“Ask a question” directly to your shop merchant.


ArtCommons is a venue for talented independent artists to setup and run their own business in their own unique shop. Each shop merchant has a hand in creating their items for sale; they stock and price items, process orders and ship each order by a tracking number. They know the most about the items you have purchased, including the shipping and order status.

To learn about an order you already placed, visit the shop directly:

1.  You can check your “Order Status” by entering your 12-digit Order ID number right away;
2.  Learn more about return policies, shipping and payment details in “About Merchant”;
3.  Take a minute to use the 5 star rating system to support a merchants work and review their services;
4.  Email the merchant directly using their online communication form in “Contact Shop”.

After following up with the shop directly, if you have more questions contact ArtCommons.


Store Checkout & Transaction Fees

Lining Up

ArtCommons does not handle transactions between buyers and sellers, but instead partners with PayPal to provide secure eCommerce services. Items for sale can be purchased through the PayPal Store Checkout service using a verified PayPal Account or authorized credit card number. All transactions are verified. At checkout, each shop completes a separate transaction to successfully manage your order(s).

For each independent Shop’s sales transaction:

1.  ArtCommons receives a 12% commission;
2.  PayPal receives no more than a 2.9% + $0.30 service fee;
3.  PST/GST may or may not be charged per shop depending on the merchants requirements;
4.  Shipping fee may be added (calculated beforehand by each shop merchant to ensure delivery).

In order to have the best experience on ArtCommons, be sure to read each shop’s unique shop policies and listings carefully.

“ArtCommons charges no up front fees. We get paid a 12% commission once an item is sold.”

– ArtCommons Team


ArtCommons lists network wide policies  to guide online conduct. Each shop is responsible for how they conduct business. ArtCommons is not responsible for transactions done offline or outside the site.