Are you in search of quality artisans in the Victoria area?

You will find them and more at the Fairfield Artists Studio Tour running May 2 and 3rd in various artist studios and as a group exhibition featuring works by 27 local artists. A free event, creative works will be available for every budget.  This collection of creative people utilize a wide variety of mediums including painting on canvas, line drawings, print media, photography, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, clothing, and even stained glass. This well rounded group of artists seek to convey a connection to nature, our community environment, and our humanity through the use of vibrant colours and a vast array of textures and images.

Participating Artists

Karen Hamilton, Linda Darby, Robert Ives, Victor Bosson, Barbara Weaver-Bosson, Nancy Dolon, Jonathan Gleed, Linda Rajotte, Louise Monfette, Roy Mercer, Aura Arindam, Diana Durrand, Annie Nazarian, Patti Bey, Catherine Belanger, Wendy Oppelt, Patricia Hughes, Patti Wilson, Marilyn Chapman, Gail Davidson, Janis Blyth, Maery Callaghan, Galen Davison, Samantha Dickie, Kristi Philpott Buchanan, Jennifer Roth (Guest artist from BeConnected Support Services), Monique Genton

The Fairfield Artist Studio Tour runs on Saturday May 2nd and  Sunday May 3rd from 11-4 in local artists studios with a group exhibition at The Garry Oak Room 1335 Thurlow Road (Tour Stop #19).

Preview Exhibition: April 1-30 at Serious Coffee in Cook Street Village

Tour Dates: Saturday May 2nd &  Sunday May 3rd, 11:00am-4:00pm

Tour Group Exhibition: The Garry Oak Room 1335 Thurlow Road

Works of Art featured above:

  • Patricia Hughes: Tour Stop #3, 935 Convent Place
  • Karen Hamilton: Tour Stop #2, 1151 Oscar Street (under the tent on the front lawn)
  • Jonathan Gleed: Tour Stop #10, 209 Linden Avenue
  • Louise Monfette: Tour Stop #12, 181 Joseph Street Shop Merchant Featured

Linda Darby’s collection is on sale in her shop “Fairfield Studio“, and @ The Garry Oak Room