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Fundraising is open to agencies, NPOs, charitable or non-charitable organizations or independent "causes" that would like to receive donations through eCommerce sales. each Shop Merchant involved has the option to commit a percent of their sales to a good cause.

  1. Artisan commits to a “Cause” to donate %sales regularly, and post a banner-ad in their shop.
  2. Each artisan must be willing to run an eCommerce business of their own.
  3. The artisan prepares her/his work so ArtCommons can build a shop and provide support.
  4. A PayPal donation button is posted on an exclusive fundraising page to make %sale donations easy for shop merchants to do, and will also record the groups overall fundraising progress.

Thank You

Thank you shop merchants!

Thank you to all those who have made ArtCommons.ca possible!

Sponsored by ViFA and initially funded by a CRD IDEA Grant.

Pilot phase of development was supported by the “Victoria ArtCommons Project”, funded by a May 2013 CRD IDEA Grant. Launch phase is supported by volunteers. Additional funding is required to provide "shop building" and "merchant support" hours. "We don't make money until you sell!"


CRD IDEA Grants (Innovate, Develop, Experiment, Access) is an awards program designed to encourage new, innovative or developmental arts projects and events.

IDEA Grants are intended to widen arts participation by organizations not served by other programs.

Victoria Free-Net Association

Victoria Free-Net Association (ViFA) was the first public Internet service provider (ISP) in Victoria, offering Internet access, website and server hosting at low cost to the consumer. Free-Net serves over 1,270 customers, members and partners.

Volunteers & Support

Thank you to the hard working volunteers who help update content and guide development.

Thank you to the shop merchants who provide constructive feedback which helps in the refinement of services and support.